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So, hobviously I am sort of sucking at the whole LJ thing as of late. /o\ Life's been...weird. Not bad, necessarily, just a lot of stuff happening at once and I occasionally go through hermit phases, and the two just happened to coincide. :( And then I wanted to come back but my brain was like DON'T YOU DARE GO BACK UNTIL YOU CAN BACKREAD EVERYTHING >:( and I was like D: and so I kept putting it off and the backread kept piling up and hayyy how would you like a look into my neurosis? :D

I've also kind of sucked at the e-mail situation, so if you e-mailed me and didn't hear back, I apologize, but I appreciate the contact more than you could possibly know.

Basically I sort of want to round you all up and have formal dates so I can catch up with you one on one over dinner. Y/N/only if I keep my hands to myself?

A little birdie ([livejournal.com profile] schneestern) was kind enough to e-mail me a link to the love meme in [livejournal.com profile] snarkyrainbow's journal and [livejournal.com profile] svmadelyn's Valentine's Day game and [livejournal.com profile] saykendrawithme's Valentine's post, and just. YOU GUYS. ;________; Thank you and ILU doesn't even begin to cover it, you guys are amazing and I trufax feel like the luckiest girl on the planet with friends like you. ♥

So tell me what is up with you! And if nothing's really up, tell me what you would like to be up with you!

Also, update me on your Bandom Big Bang status! Are you sticking with your original idea? How far along are you? Feel free to post snippets so I can hound you mercilessly for more!

I think I decided on a Dead Like Me au for BBB, with Gerard as the new reaper. It won't be a scene by scene retelling, just sort of based on the idea. I'm pretty psyched about it, though, so let's hope my interest holds out long enough to get it done.

I MISSED YOU GUYS A WHOLE LOT. That's kind of hard to convey in an update, but just pretend I'm squeezing the breath right out of you with the force of my smishes.

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