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I've been toying with the idea of doing a fic meme, mostly to help with writer's block. I know I for one am sort of freaking out over finishing my BBB, and I know sometimes it really helps to just focus on something else for a while.

[livejournal.com profile] schneestern and I have played around with round robin fics occasionally, and they really seem to help loosen me up so I can get back into the flow of whatever else I'm working on. Would anyone be interested in doing something like that? It would be really informal, probably just in comments. I was thinking something along the lines of a prompt meme, where people could leave one or two sentences as a beginning, and if it inspired anyone, they could write the next paragraph or two, and so on and so forth. It could be kind of fun, too, if there weren't any restrictions on how many people could respond to any part of the story, so if person A posted a few sentences, and person B responded with a paragraph, and person A responded with the third part, and then person C wanted to jump in and run with it, person B could still respond with their own take on how it continued. So there could be multiple threads going in the same fic, different branches off different parts, kind of like choose-your-own-adventure stories.

I caught up on I'm not a hardcore Dean/Castiel shipper or anything, but uh. I probably could be if they keep making episodes like that. It is probably totally weird that it gives me a little thrill every time Dean calls him "Cas". IDK!

I thought I had more to say about that. :(

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