quarterturn: (bandom - gerard and mikeyway)
quarterturn ([personal profile] quarterturn) wrote2009-04-12 05:45 pm

two posts in one day, it's like a record or something, damn

You guys, I am so tired, I'm about to keel over (staying up all night before a day of family festivities is kind of dumb, btw), but I have to show you these cupcakes we made.

They are not the most attractive cupcakes you will ever see in your life (I will never tell you which ones I frosted and which ones the little kids frosted, because I prefer to pretend I have some artistic ability with frosting), but they are OM NOM NOM. They're strawberry, and they are DELICIOUS.

I think we're going to do this every year instead of dying eggs. \o/

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