Dec. 25th, 2008

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Better update later, but for now I hope those of you that celebrate are having a very Merry Christmas! And that all of you are having a wonderful holiday season. I adore all of you, and there is nothing I wish for more than just that all of you are safe and happy and healthy. ♥

Also, BABY!WENTZ. ♥___♥
quarterturn: (bandom - fi & bb - masks)
Like a Thorn in My Side (The Size of a Cadillac)
Bob/Frank, R
~8400 words
Written for [ profile] bandom_solstice. A huge, huge thanks to [ profile] schneestern, for encouraging me the whole way and polishing everything up when it was still just a rough draft, and to [ profile] snarkyrainbow, [ profile] rebecca_star, [ profile] anothersadsong, and [ profile] lover_youshould for looking it over for me on short notice! Any remaining errors are my own.

'What I don't get,' Frank says irritably, 'Is how this always happens when I'm with you.' )



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