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I am in this mood today. I sort of want to burst into tears and rip someone's head off, not necessarily in that order. It's one of those days where I just really want to ignore everyone and everything, watch cheesy 80s movies and read fluffy fic, but I can't. :/ The birds outside are being ridiculously loud and cheerful, and they should probably just eff off.

On the upside, there's a pretty good chance I'm going to see Empires and TAI next month with my sister. Bill Beckett, prepare to be my eyecandy. >:) I don't know how many of you are close enough that you might be attending the same show, but if you think you might be able to get to the Iowa City show at the Picador on the...18th, I think? Let me know, maybe we can ogle Bill Beckett together.

Because I should definitely be working on my BBB, but I can't resist:

Give me a pairing and a number. I will then use iTunes to connect that number to a song.

I'm better with MCR, Panic, and FOB in that order, but I'm willing to try TAI, Cobras, Empires and crossover pairings.
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I really wish I had more to pad this post with so it didn't come off as me just trying to get everyone to write Heroes kink, but alas, that's all it is and I can't hide it.

There's a Heroes Kink Meme going on. It's anonymous, so you don't even have to out yourself. Just drop off some prompts, maybe write some kinky stuff for someone else (also anonymously) and run away. You can reveal yourself later, of course, but you don't have to, so it's basically write whatever you want without any pressure! :D Plus, it's comment fic so it doesn't even have to be long.

I miss Allie's pornathons, and this is pretty close to what those were. Come on, guys, we're gonna need lots of porn to get us through the hiatus. :(



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