Apr. 12th, 2009

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So hayyyy, I'm not dead. I kind of felt like it for a while, though! /o\ Chest cold or bronchitis, I have no idea because I'm a stubborn ass who didn't go to the doctor, but it's starting to dissipate, so that's a win.

I have a question for fandomers at large: What's the etiquette on writing something that's already been written? A story idea, or an AU, whatever. There are a lot of times I'll go, "OH. YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE AWESOME? A (INSERT MOVIE AU HERE)!" And I'll start writing it and really like it, and then I stumble upon a completed story or someone who's had the same idea, and it kind of makes me think I shouldn't do it. Is it bad manners?

I started my BBB, which is a Dead Like Me AU, a few months ago, and recently a DLM AU popped up on [livejournal.com profile] bandslashmania, and there's also someone else writing a DLM AU for BBB (which I discovered while reading [livejournal.com profile] bigbangwtf). The pairings and central focus are completely different (the posted story was Brendon/Gabe, I think, and the other BBB is going to be Panic-centric, while mine is MCR), but it still makes me kind of cringe and wonder if I should pick something else. I may also be completely over-thinking things. Feel free to say so!

How are you, bbs? Doing anything fun for the holiday? I'm doing the traditional Avoid My Family thing, minus an Easter egg hunt later in the day, during which I will steal as much chocolate as possible and then barricade myself in my room and eat it all.

I feel like making a poll, so here's a poll!

[Poll #1382141]

eta. Every time I glance at my post subject my brain turns it into "here comes the hot stepper" and so now I've got that stuck in my head, except I'm singing "here comes the fun cooker" to the tune. JUST THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW.
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You guys, I am so tired, I'm about to keel over (staying up all night before a day of family festivities is kind of dumb, btw), but I have to show you these cupcakes we made.

my sister sent the picture to me labeled 'cuppycakes' lol )



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