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Birthdate:Oct 1
Location:United States of America

the girl: jess. mid-twenties. midwesterner. college student (sometimes.) psych major. reader. writer. graphics maker. swings both ways. fandom magpie. silly. immature. hopeful. liberal. introvert.

the tv: dexter. the office.the black donnellys.heroes. veronica mars. that 70s show. supernatural. drawn together. oz. buffy the vampire slayer. dark angel. spongebob squarepants. the 4400. arrested development. scrubs. stella. robot chicken. green wing. entourage. family guy. weeds. reaper. alias. spaced. big love. sons of anarchy. the it crowd. the mighty boosh.

the movies: chasing amy. four brothers. o brother, where art thou? i heart huckabees. boondock saints. american history x. princess bride. labyrinth. the neverending story. dogma. fight club. the lost boys. blade: trinity. death to smoochy. cry-baby. wayne's world. wall*e. the dark knight.

the books: drawing blood. lost souls. the neverending story. ender's game. the giant jam sandwich. breakfast of champions. princess bride. matilda. james and the giant peach. 1984. a wrinkle in time.darkly dreaming dexter. webster's collegiate dictionary. the amber chronicles. jane eyre. where the sidewalk ends. the hobbit. caddie woodlawn. the walking dead. the stand. the books of blood. house of leaves.

the music: weezer. billy talent. ok go. the arcade fire. the beatles. my chemical romance. depeche mode. everclear. the faint. frou frou. alkaline trio. garbage. the academy is... me first and the gimme gimmes. midtown. atom and his package. nine inch nails. hellogoodbye. orgy. panic at the disco. empires. pixies. soul coughing. jimmy eat world. stabbing westward. cobra starship. treble charger. vast. imogen heap. bloodhound gang. snow patrol. fall out boy.

the boys: jensen ackles. ben affleck. ian somerhalder. adrian pasdar. bob bryar. christian kane. matt skiba. jeffrey dean morgan. david anders. norman reedus. frank iero. stephen dorff. christian bale. jake gyllenhaal. john krasinski. johnny depp. kiefer sutherland. michael rosenbaum. seth green. pete wentz. bradley cooper. ben foster. patrick stump. patrick flueger. gerard way. simon pegg. gabe saporta.

the girls: lucy liu. kristin bell. drew barrymore. hayden panettiere. katherine moennig. mia kirshner. alyson hannigan. greta salpeter. sarah chalke. sarah silverman. jenna fischer. rashida jones. sarah michelle gellar. fairuza balk. ginnifer goodwin. melissa george. victoria asher.

the rest: mexican food. cappuccino. glitter. cheez-its. rain. sleep. dreams. my little pony. care bears. nostalgia. finger painting. lip gloss. monopoly. balderdash. password. cranium. spades. poker. gin. canasta. mario party. karaoke revolution. hair dye. tattoos. piercings. boys. girls. fanfic.

the communities: [profile] heroes_fic. [profile] reaperfic. [profile] donnellysfic. others. >.>

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Interests (145):

30 rock, adam monroe, adrian pasdar, alias, alkaline trio, alyson hannigan, arrested development, bandom, ben affleck, ben foster, big love, black donnellys, blade trinity, board games, bob/frank, boondock saints, boys in eyeliner, brendon/ryan, buffy the vampire slayer, canasta, cappuccino, care bears, chasing amy, cheez-its, christian bale, cobra starship, crossovers, cry-baby, dark angel, darkplace, david anders, dean/sam, death to smoochy, dexter, dogma, drew barrymore, empires, entourage, fanfic, fight club, finger painting, four brothers, frank/gerard, gabe saporta, gabe's basement, gabe/pete, genderswap fic, gin, ginnifer goodwin, glitter, green wing, greta/vicky-t, hayden panettiere, heroes, i heart huckabees, ian somerhalder, jake gyllenhaal, jared/jensen, jeffrey dean morgan, jenna fischer, jensen ackles, john krasinski, johnny depp, jon/spencer, julian sark, karaoke revolution, katherine moennig, kevin smith flicks, kink, kristin bell, labyrinth, lip gloss, lost, lost boys, lucy liu, mallrats, mario party, matt skiba, mexican food, mia kirshner, michael rosenbaum, monopoly, my chemical romance, my little pony, nathan/peter, noel fielding, noel fielding/russell brand, norman reedus, password, patrick flueger, paul rudd, pete wentz anonymous, pete/mikey, pete/patrick, pete/ryan, piercings, pirates, poker, princess bride, rain, rainbow brite, rashida jones, reading, reaper, richard ayoade, rock band, roman's empire, ryan o'reily, ryan reynolds, sarah chalke, sarah michelle gellar, sarah silverman, sark, sark/vaughn, sark/will, scrubs, seth green, simon pegg, slash, sleep, spaced, spades, spongebob squarepants, starbucks, stella, stephen dorff, strawberry shortcake, supernatural, tattoos, that 70s show, the 4400, the academy is..., the black donnellys, the hush sound, the it crowd, the mighty boosh, the neverending story, the office, vaughn/will, veronica mars, wayne's world, weeds, wet hot american summer, writing, your mom
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